About Me

Elegant and graceful have never been words to describe me. I’m the girl bumping into walls, while coming up with the right phrase for a story. Thankfully, being blessed with a good sense of humor, I manage!

Living in the northeast, I hibernate through the winter, and bloom in the spring. I spend my time between writing and convincing my husband that a warmer climate is in our future. In my 50’s, I’ve got wide hips that refuse to go away, and more gray hair than is willing to be colored. One day I sat down and realized it was time to follow my dream and write.

I’m the mother of two grown boys, and happily married to an amazing man who laughs at my silly jokes, even though my kids tell me I’m not funny. Apparently, they’re wrong. 😉

Big news! As of Oct/Nov 2013, I am honored to call myself a New York Times Bestselling Author and a USA Today Bestselling Author. I’m over the moon with the news.

BBW Romance Boxed Set


New York Times!!!


USA Today Bestselling Books List


…with a special thank you to Zirconia Publishing, Inc.

We did again…

Tangled: New Adult Romance Boxed Set


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