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Becky. Sam. Winnie. Bad Kitty. Mr. Bunny…and so much more!


Enjoy three hilarious romantic comedies in one bundle! Full-figured friends, crazy antics, realistic situations, and hot guys all come together in the Plush Daisies series. These curvy girls have full hips, soft bellies, and are well above a size 5. Shopping at plus-size stores, dealing with insecurities about size, and overcoming their issues, Becky, Sam, and Winnie will steal your heart. Grab your copy today for laugh-out-loud fun.

Prepare yourself for moments that will leave you breathless with laughter and anticipation. Plush Daisies offers three stories about love, romance, and so much more. Becky and Reed fight a growing attraction, even while Becky is convinced a hot guy like Reed couldn’t love a big girl like her. Opposites attract when Sam and Christopher come together in a forced proximity. And Winnie and Butch must overcome their anxiety and past rejections to realize love isn’t always perfect, but it’s still out there. Plush Daisies is a fun ride full of happy endings.


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Big Flirt


Big Flirt

Lola’s life didn’t turn out quite the way she hoped. At 42, she’s divorced, overweight, and hates her job. There had to be more. Seeking out a second chance at love, she delves into the world of online dating. Only she finds the exact person she didn’t want to.

LonelyMan10 messages her, drawing her in. Caught up in the excitement of a new attraction, Lola’s world grinds to a halt once she recognizes the man. This was not what she bargained for! So why is she holding on, almost afraid to let go? Can Lola find love with the person she least expects? Big Flirt is a fun, bumpy ride that spins out of control in the most delightful way. Warning: this book is filled with happy endings, complications, and an occasional laugh.