Midlife Buzz...thoughts for women over 40

I’m still getting used to some of these phrases like second act, second half, and even midlife. It’s an odd place to be, and for so long most of us simply said “middle-aged” – but then we got artsy and were searching for new phrases.

I was watching a video or reading something (I think it was The Atlantic) where it discussed words like elder in place of elderly, and how things like anti-aging felt angsty and they preferred the expression natural aging.

Do you find yourself relying on a certain phrase? What do you call the age of women between 40-60 besides vibrant, dynamic, and awesome?

Anyway, when we get here… in our midlife, or that “certain age” thing that everybody whispers about like it’s the plague, which is weird because I never thought of my age that way, that we’re left trying to reshape or rediscover who we are or what we want.

Passion. Purpose. They are words you’ll hear often. A lot of women are lost. They are seeking answers and just don’t know where to start.

Maybe you say things like, “I used to…”

Forget that… get out there and do it again!

When you have a day to yourself, how do you spend it?

What have you always wanted to do?