Midlife Buzz...thoughts for women over 40

What motivates you? Is it money? Flexibility?  Freedom of time?  Accolades?

Knowing the things that motivate you will help you make a solid impact when it comes to completing your goals.

Now, here’s the thing, you’ve got to be brutally honest with yourself, because saying, “I’m motivated by doing the right thing,” might feel good, but it might not be enough. Sure, it’s honorable, but will it push you to keep going when you’re not quite in the mood to get things accomplished? You haven’t made the change yet. So why do you think that’s going to happen now? Why will it start working for you today? It probably won’t.

If it was, you might have already reached your goal. Instead, you’re sitting here reading about how to do it. Now, about that motivation…what truly pushes your buttons and gets things done. The promise of a day to yourself, a great meal, monetary compensation, free time with the kids or grandkids?

Me? I crave flexibility of time. That moves me like nothing else. Rigid schedules break me out in hives. You want me to do something, let me do it on my time, when it feels right to me. I’m reliable. It will get done.

What’s going to be that thing that will take you to the next level that you could have done anyway, but you still haven’t done?

You’ve been thinking about it, but you didn’t do it. Why?

What’s going to get you there?

I ran my first half marathon. When I was, I don’t know around my early 40s. I hadn’t run a stitch before, but I decided I wanted to run the Princess Half Marathon in Disney. I used that as a motivation to push me. If I trained for this, I’d go down to Disney and run a fun race and, achieve a great accomplishment.

My husband was like, “Why don’t you start with something smaller, maybe like a 5K?”

I knew if it was too small, I wouldn’t push myself enough.

You need to know what the trigger is for you to get going when nothing else will.

I just finished that half marathon——very slowly, and just barely, but I finished it on time. And then, I finished two more after that. I’m not currently running but it was a really great experience for me, and really showed me a new level of perseverance that I didn’t know I had, you know.

I was a give up easy kind of girl years ago. And this was a solid lesson for me. I learned I had to find the right way to motivate myself, and I learned to push through, even when it was hard.  So, think about what might motivate you and learn how to use that to your advantage.